Virtual Travel?

I recently read an article on the CTV News website about the future of travel in 2024 using the technology and some creative ideas to fill in the futuristic gap. Some features of this futuristic travel system included virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift (to see and test it before going), contact lens versions of Google Glass that instantly translate and destroy language barriers, and a virtual companion (like Siri) to plan your trip.

They made a report set in 2024 with TOM (Traveler of the Millenium) just having coming of a 60-hour work week completely burned out. His digital companion Siri recommends things of it’s own accord! Kind of remind you of “Her”…the article says it should but I never saw the movie so that’s up to you.  It is broken down into the sections Virtual Companions and Wearable Intelligence, Virtual Holiday, Semantic Search. An evolved form of Google Glass could evolve just the same as Siri most likely will. Where you could see with the Oculus Rift the article states that Haptic technologies will allow you to feel the texture of the hotel bed or the plushness of an airplane seat. Tactile feedback is what Haptic technology will supposedly provide. Online planning will be intuitive and based on facial coding algorithms.

The original article was published Sunday, April 13, 2014

I chose this article because I have always wanted to go on a vacation somewhere warm and haven’t yet had the opportunity so I found the thought of it being so easy to be exciting. I also thought that a contact lens that translates in real time and a virtual companion that responds to your emotions to be exciting if the second isn’t just a bit creepy. I have two final questions: Is it to far to have your phone be able to tell your emotional state? Does the thought of future travel get you excited for what the next ten years hold?

This is my opinion and I ask you for your opinion in the comments. That is all for now see you next blog!


Excel Reflection

This reflection is about our recently completed Excel unit. In this unit we learned how to use excel in many ways including some basic formulas and functions that we didn’t know about beforehand. We did guided and independent practices for the different topics that we were learning in which we would create and/or edit excel lists according to specifications from our instructions. We did a project where we made an excel list of our top ten Universities. Our final project involved making a list which included statistics and different excel functions about a sports team.

I found it interesting to learn about excel and some of its functions that I either didn’t know about or didn’t know how to use. I also thought it was interesting that there were so many different ways to do one thing where one or two would have been much simpler. I found out that there are many more ways to create a list than just typing in everything and copy-pasting stuff. For example I learned that you can use the little box to copy things from the cell above to those below by simply click and dragging them. Overall I think it was a positive experience in which I both felt good and learned from.

I found that it was good to learn some things that I did not know of before. But, I also found that a couple of the tasks were difficult and sometimes the instructions sheet didn’t clearly explain what it wanted me to do. At other times I could completely understand what the purpose and my task were. Overall I have learned a lot about excel and as a result I am quite happy with the results of this subject. Some things I found easy included sum and if statements as well as averages. At first I had trouble implementing absolute values into my final project but I was eventually able to overcome this problem as well. I was able to offer small bits of help to some of my fellow students. I found that however most of the independent practice was not difficult for me at all and I only had trouble with the final project and using all the functions practically.

I found that once we had completed our guided practice I was one of the first to complete the independent practice and even helped some of my neighbouring classmates at times. As we went on they got slightly more difficult but still I found that there was an easy rhythm to it and my only real challenge was missing steps and having to go back. We also did a University Excel Project which I found to be really fun and interesting to do. It also turned out just fine and dandy in the end. My final project was where I began to slow up my quick progress because as I continued on doing well I started to have some troubles making graphs and also using the absolute value function. I discovered how to use the absolute value by implementing percentages in to my project. To expand a bit on the final project I have to tell you it was about sport statistics and I chose the NHL’s Montreal Canadiens. I eventually was able to implement all of them then I came upon the graphs which though they were not difficult to make I found them difficult use sensibly because none of the stats really made perfect graph material. I found the way I did this unit to be quite successful and only regret screwing up by missing instructions.

I feel that I did really well in the excel unit comparatively to other units in both this subject and others as I always found myself able to finish it in class and explain it to others. This could stem from the fact I use it often at home for fun. If I were to do this unit again I would slow down and read every instruction not miss a few and inconvenience myself by having to go back and rewrite or undo previous steps. This is my problem that finds a way to manifest itself in all my chosen endeavours…rushing. I always want to be down quick or I put it off to long and have to rush. This is my biggest failure by far and if I could stop myself from doing it by using a time machine I would. I would say however that I completed this unit in a strong fashion with a strong final project. Overall I think this will help my academic development in a large way as I try to succeed in school. I need to develop my ability to pay attention in class and slow down especially to succeed.

Steve Jobs Stanford 2005 Speech

For this post I will be responding to the 2005 Stanford University Commencement Speech by Steve Jobs. I thought it was very interesting that a man as intelligent as Steve Jobs didn’t go to college. I was also surprised to learn that he had a previous bout with pancreatic cancer besides the one that killed him. It made me see the man behind Apple and Pixar in a whole new light. I saw a man who wasn’t just a wealthy businessman so far away from the world but rather a guy who beat the odds and made it big. I found that it is essential to feel failure before you can ever truly win. I have learned from the speech things that I will take with me for the rest of my life. I believe that he was trying to send the message that life is short and you need to make the most of it. When he said he had been fired from his own company I found that comedic do to the fact that it shouldn’t really be possible! All in all I found the messages he sent to be inspiring and all-together thought provoking.

JR Organics Brochure

Brochure The brochure I found is about an organic food producer known as J.R. Organics. It tells of how the current owner, a fourth generation farmer named Joe Rodriguez Jr. It also explains the work he has put in and the skills he has learned. It also assures you that the product is healthy and high quality. It is supported by the Community Supported Agriculture. It informs you of how it started 50 years prior with Joe Rodriguez Sr. It also talks about their growing techniques and the fertilizers used.

In my opinion this brochure was well written and grabbed my attention with its visual appearance. I found out many things I didn’t know about the business and these people without being tired out by walls of text! I would give this brochure a 9.5/10. Another reason I found this to be a well made brochure is that the format is very nice but not so visual that it takes your eyes away from the information.

What goes into a PowerPoint?

An effective presentation should keep the audience focused and illicit an emotional response from them even if it is a boring subject. You must use the right imagery and know how to engage the audience according to one site. Another site says that it is extremely important to not start with a visual aid in PowerPoint and use a Word, Google Docs, or even post it notes. It also says that if you don’t use bullet points then it will increase the audience recall by 30%, now I bet that is a shocker folks. That sites last tip is don’t put multiple ideas on one slide. Other sites I have found agree on one topic quite heavily and that is No Bullet Points and Less Text Walls. Another website said that you should not use the default layout in your presentations. Some people use animations like crazy but if your wise and use only a little it is more effective. Another suggestion was to create a customized theme. Many sites also agree that you need to keep a focused and small PowerPoint rather than a million different points.

Here Is an example of a good PowerPoint:

This presentation highlights the horrible statistics and effects of smoking. It uses creative pictures and text with interesting colours as well as sizes to keep you interested. It uses no bullet points as well as a creative format  that keeps you watching. It uses slides with single ideas as well as interesting animations and transitions. It is overall an amzing slideshow in the techincal view. In my opinion it speaks strongly about smoking and the harm it causes to people. It’s no wonder it was 2010’s best presentation and best educational presentation. In my opinion the presentation from the link above is outstanding and something to take inspiration from for your next PowerPoint, I know I will.

This is my opinion and I ask you for your opinion in the comments. That is all for now see you next blog!

Here are the sites I used for research:

Chaos in the Gamership…GTA Online Won’t Work!

October 1, 2013

Things turned sour when the anticipated Grand Theft Auto Online was released. Some gamers had a problem…they couldn’t log on to servers. As we all know you can’t play an online game if your not online. Rockstar had warned players that there may be problems due to the unexpected record-breaking sales of the single-player base game “GTA V”. Launch day issues are not new in the MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) universe as games such as EA’s Simcity and Blizzard’s Diablo 3. But Grand Theft Auto is a much more popular game than the aforementioned titles and being connected isn’t required for single-player gaming.

Rockstar Games better figure it out if they truly plan to make it a spin-off series of games like they are saying. Journalists are saying it could expand the life of vastly popular GTA V to have this online experience. Unlike the single-player version it has character customization and an in-game currency you can buy with real money. The original article can be found here

I chose this article because I thought it would be interesting to review something related to Grand Theft Auto V due to it’s extreme popularity. With anything in the spotlight so directly the problems will be revealed and that has been true with GTA Online. I don’t think this is to terrible nor do I see a reason for anger from fans because they were warned that problems could occur. This has and will continue to cause anger however due to people not being able to wait patiently. Will you still buy GTA V and it’s online counterpart? Do you think these fans have a right to be angry?

This is my opinion and I ask you for your opinion in the comments. That is all for now see you next blog!

Hacking An iPhone 5S?

I recently read a post on CTV News about a possible winner of the iPhone 5S hacking competition. If this is legitimate then Germany’s Chaos Computer Club will have $25,000 more in their pockets. Apple announced their fingerprint scanner as an alternative log in option and a site was soon founded with a reward for successfully hacking the iPhone 5S in a way that would be easy to replicate.

The site known as “Is touch ID hacked yet?” prize pot incluiPhone Stuffsdes cash, bottles of bourbon, fine wines and even bitcoins for the champion. To win you must hack the scanner, provide proof of the exploit and it must be simple to repeat. Testing these new measures however is the only way to improve the system so there is no cause for worry!

The original article was published Tuesday, September 24, 2013 on

I chose this article because I found it to be an interesting topic and a good discussion topic as well. Personally I find that if something is easy to hack then it should not be on market. I believe that a product that is not fully secure and properly tested shouldn’t be sent to stores. Where they are bought by people who you have led to believe that your phone cannot be hacked. I have two final questions: Do you think that a fingerprint scanner is the next big thing? Is it going to have a positive or negative effect on the tech industry?

This is my opinion and I ask you for your opinion in the comments. That is all for now see you next blog!